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KJ Burrage

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Escape reality and dive into an immersive fantasy world filled with dragons, danger and battles.


KJ Burrage's The Dragon Heir Trilogy is a completed work, so no need to wait for the ending! Meet Jodathyn, an unwanted son of a royal bloodline and his band of misfits as they thawt the schemes of the great lords. Found family, unlikely friendships, heartache, sassy characters and high stake coups and battles all come together for this young adult trilogy.


Fires of Retribution was released in March 2024 and is a new adult standalone. Set 3000 years before Jodathyn's story in the Dragon's Heir, Fires is heavily inspired by the Celtic queen, Boudica and her rebellion against the Romans. It has  frenemies to lovers vibe, with found family,second chances and a colour cast of characters.


Each series is independent of one another, so you don't need to read all of them to have a satisfying ending. Although both sets have little easter eggs for any eagle eyed readers!

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