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Our 2022 Vendors & Exhibitors! 


Sons of Obiwan

Mercenaries of Western Europe

Star 101.9

Vehicle Display

Kitt - Knightrider 

Supernatural Impala

BB Hobbies Repilca Car

Wrap wise Mackay, Joker, and dragon ball Z 

Artists and Authors

Ashleigh Jane


Darkwood Fantasy Creature

Lil Rosehead Designs

KJ Burrage

Firefly Books


Scott R Lean - Author


Little Ratbagz

Naturally Yours by D&D

Phitness with Phil

Let the Children Play Toyshop

Jurassic Dark Movie Club

BCC cinemas

Cookie's Fairyland

Happy Kids + Sassy Mummy's Clothing

Eden Hunter Collectibles

USS Pacifica

Haven Gaming & Pop Culture 

Jewels Creation

501st Legion - Redback

Regan Falzon

Fethers Studio

Food and Drinks

Fat Jim's Food Truck

Annie's Kitchen

Twisted Dog

Mr Skippy

Snak Attak

*Exhibitors details may change without notice.

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