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Vendor Application

Please make sure you read through and understand the Terms and Conditions

Please note, just because you fill out and apply, it doesn't mean you will be successful. If you are successful a member of the Mack PopCon team will contact you with an invoice to be paid in full. 

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage plays an important role to our events, hungry and thirsty gusts are able to make a selection of all different types of F&B vendors and recharge to carry out their big day at the con!

Vendor Application

Lots of our guest come to check out the vendors and their products available to purchase, vendors play a huge role in making our con more then cosplay, it allows people to work and make money doing things they love. 

Artist & Author Application

Mack PopCon welcomes artists and authors of all levels and designs to come and participate on the day, from books to comic and arts and posters, many of our guests come to see the artist ally as well as leave with a good amount of custom made items. 

Interactive Application

Our display car and, not for profit groups and props make amazing photo ops for our guests, they get a kick out of seeing movie cars, Vikings, local sport teams, props and more come to life. Why not have your car, group or props be photographed and shared over social media for others to see and enjoy. 

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