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A. L. Tippett


A. L. Tippett's novels seamlessly blend the extraordinary with the everyday. Magic and Motherhood Series: Mother Trucking Monsters (Book 1) is Aussie Urban Fantasy at its finest. Described as "fresh, funny, cozy, and brilliant" by UK author, Heather G. Harris, you don't want to miss this delightful new release! Solo mum, Trix, is struggling to make ends meet until she lands a new job as an insurance assessor. But when the Big Mango in Bowen goes missing, she needs to figure out whether it's been stolen by a human or a magical creature! The MINATH Chronicles: The completed trilogy, A Dragon's Mind, A Dragon's Body, and A Dragon's Soul, follows the journey of Sera and the dragon, Arius. In the modern world of Mandar, Tracker Seraphina's life changes when she is captured by a dragon and discovers her unique ability to share minds with him. As she uncovers government lies, hidden conflicts, and a shocking truth about her heritage, Sera and Arius must work together to prevent a new war between humans and mythics. Turn the first page, and let the adventure begin!

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