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Freek Productions

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“Freek( meaning- ‘Too weird to be a freak.’)  The platform that is Freek Productions, is the creative hub of Rock n Roll writer/comic book creator/children’s author/podcaster/axe throwing coach(yes),


Jesse Dracman. Taking a negative situation like lockdown, which shut down his musical/touring life, Jesse started writing as a way to stay creative and positive. From novellas to comic book series and now a children’s book to weekly podcasts, Jesse has proven you can take ideas and make them a reality.

The unique approach of weekly recycling to finance the projects is one that has been a great topic of discussion at various conventions and Jesse loves chatting and helping others realise their creative goals. Freek Productions is Jesse’s way of bringing a lil rock n roll charisma to the industry and share inspiring ideas and rock n roll adventures from life on the road that resulted in the comic series Freakenstein’. All of Jesse’s work is a love letter to his childhood and loves seeing others get inspired to forge their own path.” 


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